04/2021 — Omnex launches a new panel: Omnex Classic A2

Omnex is delighted to share the launch of a new panel, Omnex Classic A2.

Why «Classic» ?

This new panel retains all unique features already present in the Omnex Classic panel.

The panel remains very light, strong, vapor-permeable, water-resistant, flexible and ecological.

Why «A2» ?

Because of its fire class A2 according to the European fire reaction classification (EN 1350-1).

The fire class of a material determines how much energy and heat is released during a fire, and how easily it contributes to the start and spread of a fire.

The Omnex classic A2 with its fire class A2 does not contribute to the development and spread of fire.

The Omnex Classic A2 is therefore safe to use!

In its applications, the Omnex classic A2 can be used everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, such as in ventilated facades of high-rise buildings, in technical areas, parking areas, machine rooms, elevator cars, professional kitchens.

With this panel Omnex greatly expand its application field.