Please find here some FAQs concerning the Omnex panels; please do not hesitate to use the contact form for any other questions you may have. You can expect a quick response.

Can I mount heavy objects to an Omnex panel wall?

Light to medium-weight items up to 70 kg may be mounted directly to Omnex panel walls. Use appropriate hollow wall anchors and bolts. For more information, please consult the processing guidelines.

Do Omnex panels feature good acoustic absorption?

Testing has shown that a 12 mm Omnex panel absorbs 2 to 3 times more sound than traditional plasterboard (depending on the frequencies).

Can Omnex panels be glued directly to the masonry?

Yes. Because Omnex panels are a mineral product, they can be fixed directly to the masonry with adhesive/mortar according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
We only recommend direct gluing for indoor applications. For outdoor applications, we always recommend mounting hardware for the panels.

How can I improve the sound insulation?

A double-sided wall of single-layer panels sandwiching 100 mm of mineral wool insulation in between achieves 47 dB of sound insulation.
Gluing the joints between the seams also contributes to better sound insulation.

Can I use Omnex panels on the floor?

Yes, as long as the panels cover the entire surface. The panels must be fixed using mounting hardware and not subjected to moisture. For use in wet rooms, they must be fully sealed.

Is Omnex suitable as a substrate for tiles or natural stone?

Yes, Omnex panels are suitable for use with ceramic or natural stone cladding.

Should I use a primer on Omnex panels?

Finishing with plaster or tiles will not usually require pre-treatment. You can use any coating system suitable for mineral-based panelling.
For thin coats, pre-treatment may however be required in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can Omnex plates be attached directly to OSB plates?

You can attach Omnex boards directly to OSB boards with plasterboard screws.