05/2021- Delivery ETA 20/0713 Omnex Classic

ETA 20/0713 was delivered on 02/04/2021 for Omnex Classic. Happy with this news!
European Technical Assessments (ETA) are documented evaluations of the performance of a construction product, with regard to its essential characteristics, according to a European Assessment Document (EAD).
The Omnex Classic ETA has been drawn up according to EAD 070006-00-0504.
The European guidelines for technical approvals are drawn up by the European organization for technical approvals (EOTA).
Based on a European Technical Assessment, manufacturers can draw up a declaration of performance (DOP) for a construction product that is not or not fully covered by a European harmonized standard.
A construction product with an ETA can be marketed with a CE mark.
It is an alternative way for manufacturers to obtain the right to draw up and make available a declaration of performance. In short, the European Technical Assessment provides access to the European market.